Solid Liver GSP puppies

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Solid Liver GSP puppies

  Jim Jones

  IA-United States



Puppies born 6/17. Over 170 champions in pedigree. Strong Greif breeding. Family raised. Puppies very well socialized. All vet work done by small animal vet. Some of the champions include.
FC-AFC Radbach's Sabation V Greif, FC Lehmschlog's Scout Gem, FC-AFC Radbach's Savage V Greif, FC-AFC Lancers'sRoyal Scout, FC-AFC Ammertal's Lancer D, FC-AFC Paygon Radbach V Greif, NFC Thalsberg's Seagraves Chayne, NFC Ammertal's Kitt V Shinback, DC Ricki Radbach V Greif, DC Gert's Dena V Greif, DC Radbach's Dustcloud TD, DC Radbach's Countess Katrina, FC Radbach's Bimbo, DC Radbach'sArko, FC Kamiak White Lightning, FC Patsy Grabenbruch, FC Von Thalsberg's Fritz II, FC Von Dem Radbach, FC Lutz Heisterholtz, FC Radbach's Kniff, FC K-Hawk's Elmo, NFC Heide's Mighty City Slicker, NFC-FC K-Hawk's Kandu Kandy, NFC-FC Sanjo Sin City Slicker, FC Heide Ho-Pinehurst, FC-AFC Lars Kandu Quails, NFC-NAFC-Mocha Delight, FC Wolfsjaeger Niki Von Spee, FC Uodibars Rachel, FC-AFC Moesgaard's jig's, FC-AFC Mac The Knife, FC Jig's White Smoke, FC Dixielands Rusty, FC Subdance Gypsy Lee, FC-AFC Catrina's Mocha V Duke