High Caliber Choc Pointing Labradors

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High Caliber Choc Pointing Labradors

  Andy Schoeberl

  27435 467th Ave
          Lennox, South Dakota - United States



High Caliber Labrador is proud to announce the litter of pups from

High Calibers Cadillac X MPR HR Shadow Mtn's Muddy Ripple

OFA # LR-147801E30F- PI
CERF #LR-47705

OFA #155875G24M-PI
CERF # LR-44743

This is a match from the word go.....Caddy with the drive, trainability and natural point and Rip bringing all that to the table plus more.
Caddy is superior gundog owned by High Caliber Labradors of South Dakota. She has been used as a personal hunting companion and guide dog all of her life. She will hunt all day long and point pheasant after pheasant for you or others and then will come home and turn it off. Caddy has superior nose with great marking ability and drive. I continually have guys beg me to hunt Caddy every field so they get to shoot a bird off point. Being the star of the lodge every hunt.

Rip is owned by Shadow Mountain Labradors of WA. Pat hunts Rip continually throughout the season. He is not only a superior upland dog that displays a natural point but he is talented waterfowl dog with the patience of a hawk......I can't say enough great things about Rip. He recently obtained his MRP title in Ronan, MT and was very impressive in the upland field and equally impressive in the water and land series of the test.

This match will bring alot the pointing labrador world and if you are interested in purchasing one of these puppies please contact Andy of High Caliber Labradors. 605-695-5227 leave a message if no answer!
For more information please feel free to view High Caliber Labradors website