BRAQUE DU BOURBONNAIS...excellence is our progeny standard

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BRAQUE DU BOURBONNAIS...excellence is our progeny standard

  Shari Stueck

  NE-United States



This breed is "Complete" as a hunting and family companion. They possess exceptional noses, unbelievable desire and drive. These gun dogs have a deliberate search in the field. The Braque du Bourbonnais are calm, affectionate family companions. They are wrapped up in a medium sized package that is easily maintained with their short, minimal shedding, "Wash-and-wear" coats.

We produce puppies that have strong natural abilities both in the field and water, combined with excellent dispositions. A distinct difference, with this intense pointing dog, is their ability to train easily and quickly...even for the first time dog handler. We raise our puppies IN our non-smoking home. They are always current on ALL vaccinations and de-worming's which includes frequent, thorough, vet examinations in addition to receiving an ID microchip. Our puppies are socialized with children, adults and other canines.

Rufnit Kennels is the only recipient of the prestigious "NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder Award" for the Braque du Bourbonnais. This award confirms that Rufnit Kennels is keeping on track with their breeding program. By NAVHDA using a "standard" for testing purposes, Rufnit Kennels can compare our Braque du Bourbonnais with other versatile breeds. We are producing superior Braque du Bourbonnais' with fantastic hunting instincts and abilities. To ensure the quality of our companions we take it a step higher than ever before, to DNA Certify our Sire's and Dam's.

Testing our companions provides information on their hunting and physical abilities, as well as their mental stability. Rufnit Kennels has produced the youngest Braque du Bourbonnais to receive "Prizes" in Natural Ability through NAVHDA at six months of age (proving true Natural Ability) and the Utility Preparatory Test at eleven months of age. As for United States bred Braque du Bourbonnais', Rufnit Kennels' progenies hold the only NAVHDA Prize I NA's (112/112, 110/112, 110/112, 110/112 and 108/112), with additional progeny holding NA Prize II and NA Prize III positions! Rufnit Kennels offers a one time NAVHDA Natural Ability entry fee reimbursement (up to $100 US) for "Rufnit Companions" that receive NAVHDA Natural Ability Prizes (NA Prize I, NA Prize II or NA Prize III).

We have several photos and videos posted on our web site. Please visit our site or contact us for additional information and companion availability.

It has come to the point where our progeny success has created the desire for others to perform various infringements and imply that they are affiliated with Rufnit Kennels.
It is encouraged to contact us personally for such information.