4 month old gsp

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4 month old gsp

  George Steward

  970 belmont road
          clarksville, Tennessee - United States




I have just started this males training ,he is already chasing and has pointed quail .he is not holding for long but it was just his first experiance with them.buy him now and save....

(liver head with white blaze down face,white with ticking...)great looking pup.new owner had problems and could not pick him up.I may start his training in the next few weeks ..buy now and save ..his price will rise with training....

Parents are great hunting dogs.lots of natural ability,make great companion dogs,

His Sire is the best gun dog i have ever owned,very remarkable dog if this little male turns out half the dog he is ,,he will be awesome too. Although they come direct from FC/AFC/ and NFC Field trial dogs ,
We hunt and train them for the average hunter. They also could run in Trials ..they have the stamina and abilty to do so. here at Montgomery Point kennels we do not breed a dog that is less than 2 years old.And they must be proven hunters,

We trained 2 from last time these two bred and the pups turned out great.Lots of natural ability,Our customers do nothing but thank us for those pups.Ref available

We are a small kennel
We hunt them on farms, preserves, Pheasant in western Kansas and quail in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Give us a shout or shoot us a email for more information. Pedigree and pictures on request you will not find a better pup with these parents. Northern Middle Tennessee