EXCEPTIONAL - 11 German Shorthair Pointer Pups

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EXCEPTIONAL - 11 German Shorthair Pointer Pups

  KC Miller

  TX-United States



The pups were whelped on Dec. 7th. There are 8 female and 3 male GSP pups. I will be taking care of docking the tails, removing the dewclaws, and first shots. They should be ready to go at 7 weeks. There are four solid liver females and the remaining pups will be roan/liver/ticked like the Sire. They will be very dark, but not solid liver. These pups are extraordinary looking. If you would like to see pictures of pups from previous litters and an example of how their color will look, please e-mail me and I will send you pictures. You have got to see these pups.

Mother and Father on premises.
Mother-Liver, Father - Liver/Roan/Ticked. These will be exceptional puppies. The puppies from this litter should have high desire, bird finding ability, trainability, style, and love to retrieve. Contact me to discuss your reservation of a high quality GSP pup and/or to view a picture of the parents and pups. We will only sell to serious GSP hunters, breeders and those who want a well bred AKC GSP family dog.

Bloodline info:

Sire: Remington Swift Ratliff; Dam: Miller's Browning & Lace
Toto Powell & Wolfes Berges Elke
Nick of Baiersden & James Moesgaard Mercedes; Uodibar's Jack Black & Axel's Good Golly Ms Molly
Jacob V Grief & Maxine XVI; Guy's Moesgaard's Buck & Radar Action; Uodibar's Koonas & Uodibar's Minirva; Wolfshiese Radback V Axle & Jake's Smokin Dixie