Two female GSP

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Two female GSP

  Larry Lowell

  8328 Chateau Rd.
          Phelan, California - United States




We have two very nice female GSP pup's for sale. They were born on Sept. 18th 2002. I've been running them both 3 days a week on wild quail for about a month and a half now and am starting to interduce the gun (a 22 blank pistol). They both have a strong retrieve, are bold, have good noses, and have pointed several coveys of wild quail. Both are handleing nice and are running in a natural forward motion from 25 yards out to as far as 150 yards. They come in when called and will turn when I turn without hacking. These pup's are going to make someone great hunting partners. These pup's have had no pressure in there training, it been all natural, running on lots of wild birds. I'm not pushing them just progressing with them. If the hunting season went other 3-4 weeks these puppys would be ready to go. except for being so young.

The pup's are linebred Greif/Roxey Roller, If interested I can email pedigree and pictures
I'm asking $600 but after the gun has been fully interduced and I start shooting a few birds for them (about 1 month) the price will go up to $800. and I will start to advertise in the started dog classified adds.

If you have any questions email me and I'll answer them the best I can.

Larry Lowell