AKC Field-Bred English Springer Spaniel Gun Dog Puppies

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AKC Field-Bred English Springer Spaniel Gun Dog Puppies

  Michael DiLullo

  3131 Woodfork Road
          Charlotte Court House, Virginia - United States




"Skeet" is out of Rytex Rimes ("Gemma"), who was imported into the US after she was breed to UK Field Trial Champion Wenmouth Brec. Although Skeet is a young dog, he has shown that he possesses all the raw materials needed to become a fine gundog and competitor. His personality, temperament and his natural abilities combined with his desire to please and his linage are sure to produce very biddable pups with all of these desirable traits. These pups will inherit a legacy that has proven itself time and time again in both American and English Field Events.

"Flo" is a strong English (UK) bred English springer spaniel who possesses exceptional game-finding ability, while always working for the handler (in a traditional English way). Flo has completed all the requirements of an AKC Junior Hunter and Several Legs of her Senior Hunter title.

Flo has served as both my personal gundog and as a working gundog at hunting preserves where she guided hundreds of satisfied clients. Each season she is regularly hunted on a variety of upland game birds and waterfowl. With experience handling both fur and feather, Flo is a classic example of why the English springer spaniel is considered by many to be the best all-round gundog. Without question, Flo’s greatest strength is how biddable she is and how she wins the hearts of those who she works so diligently for.

This breeding will produce pups that will bring you back to the English style "ruff shooting". I am expecting early maturing pups with phenomenal natural ability and tons of desire to please, making the training of these dogs relatively easy. This breeding will produce a very sought after "English style" gundog with unquestionable temperament around small children. They will also make excellent family dogs and will have the desire, drive and personality to win your heart!