Versatile Champion Sire and Dam Breeding German Shorthaired Pointer

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Versatile Champion Sire and Dam Breeding German Shorthaired Pointer - Sold Out

  Juan Hernandez

  CA-United States


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VC Sharp Shooter’s Prima Donna (Call name Star) is the dog every hunter is looking for. She is a dog that works all day and looks to please her owner and in the process ends up turning heads with her style, commitment, striking looks and determination. Star’s enthusiasm for hunting and giving it her all, has been one of her overriding assets ever since she was a pup. When most dogs are starting their natural ability test; Star had already passed her first Utility test at only 1 year old and 4 months with a prize II 181! She passed her natural ability test at 6 months with a perfect score 112 prize I. She has always been the shining Star in our kennel and we can only expect the same from this litter. She passed the coveted Versatile Champion at 3 years old and has since been hunting hard ever since.

VC Miracle Mio Vom Beaver Creeks (Call name Mio) is the miracle dog in our kennel that continues to impress even the most experienced hunter. Times when most other dogs stop searching or are just too tired to continue Mio continues to produce birds in fields or retrieve ducks that you thought would be lost forever. Mio not only has the numbers to prove that he is top Stud with a Prize 1 Natural Ability, Prize 1 Utility, Versatile Championship, Derby Prize I, AZP I (highest scoring dog NADKC in all North America), but also has produced some of the finest young quality pups that most people have ever seen. Mio is a non-stop hunting machine that continues to impress everyone with his style, stunning confirmation and superior nose.

If you are to become one of the lucky owners of these pups, we can only hope that you will enjoy a once in a lifetime dog. I can only hope that you will enjoy many long hunting days in the field with a quality dog such as we have. The pairing between these two dogs has been a long time coming and is finally here. NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) families are preferred or families that will hunt or test the dogs.

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