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German Shorthaired Pointer Pups

  Tim Lintz

  6086 Vassar Road
          Grand Blanc, Michigan - United States



Spring 2013 Litters
We have two litters planned for the spring of 2013. One litter will be the second litter between Riot and Gracie. The first litter produced just what we expected. All of the pups from this litter were hunting at six months old or sooner. Not only did we get great hunting reports, these pups have integrated into their new homes very nicely.
The Dam, Gracie is our personal family/gun dog. Gracie is forty-eight pounds, liver and white with a sweet disposition in the home. She will often sneak into our bed at night or into the bed of our grandchildren when they visit. She can be found any evening sharing our couch or favorite chair. In the field she is a medium to close working dog with tenacious bird finding ability. Gracie has been a pleasure to train and even more fun to hunt with.
Gracie has one of the top Versatile Hunting Dog Pedigrees in the United States. She has proven herself on wild South Dakota pheasants, sharptail grouse and prairie chickens, as well as ruffed grouse and woodcock in Michigan. In addition, she has shown her versatility by finding and retrieving Canada Geese and has been featured in magazine articles regarding versatile hunting dogs.
Riot is a classy liver and roan male with tons of style and intensity in the field. He is an ACK Senior Hunter and is well on his way to his Master Hunter title. Riot comes from a long line of proven hunting dogs with the pedigree to prove it. Much like Gracie, Riot shares his home with his favorite people Lynn and John Taylor. Riot is a gentleman in the house and all business while hunting. He has been easy to train, he handles nicely in the field and is eager to please.
What is even more impressive is the rest of Riot’s resume. Riot is a standout in the show ring and has completed his AKC show championship. He also excels at dock diving and sled pulling. You can see more Riot photos at
Another litter we have planned is between our Tillie and again we will use Riot as the stud. Riot has proven to produce beautiful hunting companions as well great family dogs.
Tillie is fifty pounds of lovable liver and ticked hunting dog who is relentless in the field. She is very biddable and is close to medium working. She loves to please and has been used for guiding hunts since the age of two. Tillie has been a joy to train and hunt with. She is a natural backer and retrieves from land and water. She can be found most evenings either on my lap or sharing the couch with my wife and one or more of our other German Shorthaired Pointers. Tillie is full of personality and just wants to hang out with us no matter what we are doing.
At Shotgun Kennel we understand the importance of having a hunting companion you can be proud of as well as a family dog which you can share your entire life with. Prior to breeding our dogs we carefully evaluate them for temperament as well as hunting ability. Gracie, Tillie and Riot meet our requirements for fine hunting/family companions.
To see lots of photos of our dogs and past litters go to Shotgun Kennel, German Shorthaired pointers on FaceBook.
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