(SD) Pointing Labs! 4XGMPR MH - MPR HR All Yellow Litter

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(SD) Pointing Labs! 4XGMPR MH - MPR HR All Yellow Litter

  Travis Strasser

  46865 138th st.
          Wilmot, South Dakota - United States

  (605) 938-4509

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Looking for your next great hunting companion or family pet? This is a litter that is LOADED with potential!

(SIRE) 4XGMPR STK's Tub Full of Mallard MH (TED)

(DAM) MPR Lockdown Labs Rock-A-Bye Birdie HR (BIRDIE)

BOTH Parents are highly accomplished natural pointing labs. Ted is a phenomenal retriever that went 6 for 6 in AKC Master Hunter pinning every mark without a handle and just finished up the 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever campaign. Birdie is our once in a lifetime all around family/hunting dog that excels at anything you throw at her. She went 4-4 in HRC Seasoned and we plan to keep running toward her 4X GMPR title.

You truly cannot go wrong with this litter! Both pedigrees are loaded with legendary pointing labs and a mixture of Field Trial/Master Hunters.

Give us a call at Lockdown Labs and we will get you all the details!

(320) 305-0620 (cell)