GSP Puppies VC Shooting Stars General Milo MH X Krystal Creeks Isabella

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GSP Puppies VC Shooting Stars General Milo MH X Krystal Creeks Isabella

  Bob Kilburn

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          Adell, Wisconsin - United States


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3 Females left from this awesome litter.
Izzy is a wonderful dog to hunt, train, and live with. She has an insatiable desire to please and loves to train. She pointed her first wild pheasant on a hunting trip at 6 months of age and has been a hunting machine ever since. In her NAVHDA NA test she ran big and right on the edge but showed her cooperation by holding her points and retrieving the birds to me (even though this was not trained or required). She received 108 points and a prize 1. In August 2010 she ran in the NAVHDA UT test receiving 187 points and a prize 2. She is currently working on her AKC Master title and will be running the NAVHDA UT test again in August hopefully qualifying for the 2012 NAVHDA Invitational. We have hunted Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Montana.

Milo is owned by Don Olszewski at Hidden Creek Gundogs. Milo is an exceptional dog from exceptional breeding, and has been a pleasure to own and train. Milo loves water, has a high desire duck search, and a strong natural retrieve instinct that makes him a great waterfowling companion. His strong prey drive is also apparent in the field, where he is second to none. He earned his AKC Master Hunter title by age three and passed the NAVHDA invitational at age four, all accomplished by a rookie trainer and handler. He has hunted ducks, quail, pheasant, and grouse in many different states.