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MH puppies are here

  Jason Goslinga

  IA-United States



Bella and Al's litter is finally here. Bella whelped 8 puppies on April 15. Here is a little bit about the stud, Top Gun Alex. He is a solid liver stud who has finished his Master Hunter title. He is OFA good and CERF normal. He has great desire and enthusiasm to please. Hunts with you and has a natural point,honor and a great retrieve. Tons of bird experience with hunts in Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. He is also a top notch guide dog.

Bella is my personal hunting dog. She has 2 legs of her MH title and will finish her title this fall. She is also OFA good and CERF normal. She has great style and a snappy run. Great desire and has a willing to please attitude. Very natural point, honor, and retrieve. Has been hunted extensively on pheasants in Iowa and South Dakota. Her greatest attribute would be she is a light switch dog. In the field she is all business, but when you get her in the house she is very content and happy with chewing on a bone and relaxing with you on the couch. Has been in the house since 8 weeks old. She knows how to turn it on in the field and then turn it off in the house.

This breeding will produce pups with a natural point, honor, and a great natural retrieve. If you are looking for a dog that will hunt hard all day for you and do it with enthusiasm look no further than this litter. If you want that dog PLUS a family companion in the house, definitely look at this litter. Great opportunity to own a puppy from proven parents in the field and health clearances done.
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