GMPR MPR CP Texas Pointing Labs Cal x APR CP Pattons Maggie

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GMPR MPR CP Texas Pointing Labs Cal x APR CP Pattons Maggie

  Tim Galeazzi

  1111 hwy S71
          Knoxville, Iowa - United States


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GMPR Texas Pointing Labs Nitro Cal x APR CP Pattons Maggie puppies availible. Whelped on March 21st and go home May 7th. 2 males and 1 female availible. These pups will be some of the best bred pointing labs that have a field trial pedigree in the country for 2011. The puppies should be intense at retrieving with great marking ability. Cal hunts with incredible desire and style that is complimented with a strong natural staunch point. Most pointing labs don't have field trial bloodlines in their pedigree like this litter has. These pups will be very smart with a ton of drive to retrieve and easy to train and a great temperament for excellent pets and companions. All black puppies that will be yellow factored EIC clear. These puppies should be able to compete at APLA events, hunt test, field trials or be awesome hunting companions. Both the dam and sire are excellent in the house. We desire competing homes for these puppies. We will consider other homes though. We have customers that have been waiting on this litter for over a year. Maggie and Cal are both in training currently and Cal should get his QAA in 2011 as he placed third in his first QAA field trial in 2010 with only 3 months of pro training. He received his first AKC MH pass in 2010 with the hope he will finish his title in 2011. After the AKC titles for Cal he will return to the APLA and get his 4XGMPR. He should finish with a QAA MH 4XGMPR titles. Maggie hopefully will be QAA next year as she is in training with Brian Norwood. Brian owns River Hills kennel and said, “if I could choose only one dog on my truck to own it would be Maggie". Why Brian said that is because of several reasons but the best reason is she is a lot of fun to do all things with as she is a trainer’s dream dog. The goal for Maggie is QAA MH 4XMPR. No other Female has those titles in the country. We have references on both Cal and Maggie from people who have trained dogs over 20 years. The price for a pup is $1500. Please call for more info. We give a 26 month unconditional guarantee.

Sire: Cal places 3rd in his first field trial QAA event held by the Kansas City Retriever club on April 16th 2010.

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