The Ultimate Gundog The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

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The Ultimate Gundog The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

  Dallas Hansen

  705 n 200w
          lehi, Utah - United States


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Big Water Kennels Is pround to announce
The Breeding of Boss X Jessie Litter due Feb. 14 2011.

A little History on the breed.
The SRHPwas to be highly biddable in nature. It was required that SRHP would have the ability of hunting any kind of prey, ranging from Partridges to Foxes, and everything in between. It was also required that they would be able to work equally efficiently in both water, as well as land. The Slovak was required by the hunters to have the ability to work extremely well in all kinds of terrain, from smooth grassy terrian to Harsh thick forrest, to Ice water. The SRHP would be used not only for Hunting and tracking, the SRHP is a excellent 1st class retriever with a exceptional sense of smell.

The Slovakaina Rough Haired Pointer, is a result of a crossing between the Weimaraners (they were the best hunting dogs around at that time) and the German Wirehaired pointer, and also the Ceski Fousek. This is how the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer came into existence. This dog has not only met but Passed all the expectations by its developers. The Slovak is extremely good at hunting feathered animals, but along with this, this dog is also very brave and fearless, and it will be ready to fight Wild Boar, Bear, and Mountian Lion any time. This dog also proved out to be good at hunting animals like Deer, and Foxes as well. The body type, and other features are quite similar to the other dogs from which this dog has been developed.. Making the SRHP a first class gun dog and a excellent family companion.
Only the Best Dogs and Bitches of sound Temperament, and Excellent hunting ability were bred from, and this was under the strict control of the breed wardens. The result is this incredible breed The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer.

We are taking deposits now don't miss out on this True Versatile Gundog. These dogs are a must have breed, at home in the Mudd and Ice of the Duck blind, and in the Open field, or Dense River bottoms, or content laying at your feet at home. Slovak's will be the Gundog you were looking for.
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