Elk Run Braque du Bourbonnais Puppies

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Elk Run Braque du Bourbonnais Puppies

  Lonn Kuck

  10399 Rolling Hills Dr.
          Star, Idaho - United States



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Elk Run Braque Kennels is now accepting deposits for two outstanding litters that are bred to hunt by a hunter. The Braque du Bourbonnais is truly a versatile hunting companion, described as an “easy to live with talent in a small package”.

The Braque du Bourbonnais is a pointer with a calm, gentle demeanor that is ideally suited for the foot hunter. The breed’s small size and short coat adds to their value as an ideal pet and home companion for the family that hunts.

Litter #1 ? whelped December 28, 2010 includes four males and two females with two males and a female with natural short-tails. Sire: Duff des Bois de la Mariniere, a naturally short-tailed French import that is bred and trained to hunt with an intense point and desire to hunt. "Jack" has excellent hips and all the attributes to substantially improve the hunting Bourbonnais in North America. Dam: Aspen Ridge Annette earned a Prize I in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test, scoring 108 points out of a maximum of 112 points. All four of "Katie's" grandparents are Prize I NAVHDA Utility tested dogs, an unequalled strength of documented excellence in the breed. "Katie's" grandmother is our "Patty" the breed's only Versatile Champion the highest title attainable in NAVHDA.

Litter #2 ? due March 17, 2011, the only Braque du Bourbonnais litter in North America with both Prize I Utility tested parents available in 2011. Sire French import: Vegas du Pontelle de Maicou, is naturally the most talented male hunting dog at Elk Run Kennels. “Gus” scored a Prize I in his Natural Ability test with 110 points out of 112 possible points and a Prize I with a score of 204 points out of a maximum of 204 points in his Utility Test. Dam: Venus du Pontelle de Maicou, bred by France's prominent working Bourbonnais breeder, it shows, “Vinnie” is all bird dog. “Vinnie” earned a Prize I with a score of 201 points in her Utility Test. “Vinnie” is an exceptional gun dog with enthusiasm, drive, and determination with an intense point.

Elk Run Kennels established in 1991 is the oldest Braque du Bourbonnais kennel in North America. We are dedicated to the preservation and continuous improvement of the Braque du Bourbonnais as a versatile hunting dog. Hunting dogs are our passion. We have carefully built our foundation exclusively on French imports direct from breeders committed to producing Bourbonnais that hunt ? an unparalleled commitment to the development of the breed in North America. Home of the only Versatile Champion in the history of the breed and home to six of the eight Bourbonnais that have earned Prize I in NAVHDA’s Utility Hunt Tests, the two others are progeny of Elk Run bred dogs ? where quality exceeds quantity.
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