Male FDSB Registered 8 week old Pup

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Male FDSB Registered 8 week old Pup

  Brian Mercer

  168 Blue Ridge Lane
          Ruston, Louisiana - United States


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This pup is 8 weeks old (whelped 6/19/2009). This pup seems to be the stud of the litter due to his extreme interest in pointing. This pup @ 6 weeks was pointing a quail wing, dirty cloth, pretty much anything you put in front of him.
He is the largest of his littermates....Grandson of Havelock Blacksmith of North Dakota!
This Havelock bloodline pup is a sure bet.....

You can purchase him now and train him yourself, or purchase him and leave him with us to put him through our training program (whoa broke, here broke, whistle broke, gun broke) for $300/month. Call Now....He'll go fast!
(318) 243-3975
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