Very well bred litter of Wirehair puppies.

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Very well bred litter of Wirehair puppies.

  Dayle Luedeke

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          Stratford, South Dakota - United States


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Both parents are fantastic WILD Pheasant Hunting Dogs. Both are also going to be running NASTRA and the Bird Dog Challenges this Fall and in the Spring. The sire to this litter is without a doubt the finest pointing dog I have had the privilege to train in 20 years. He is an absolute machine. The female is from the same kennel and is also a fantastic gundog more then capable of excelling in competition. She is a year younger then the male and should come very close to his equal. They are both very fast, hard charging dogs that are sensible and easily controlled. Both retrieve better than most labs. If you are looking for a gundog of a lifetime or your next great competition dog don’t miss out on this litter. I guarantee you will be impressed with this pedigree and the performance of these two Wirehairs. Please feel free to come and watch these two in action on wild ringnecks. Stop in and shoot a few birds over the top of them. I guarantee you will take one of these pups home. Both dogs are fantastic in the water. You can’t hardly get them out. Both are great looking, muscular dogs. These are the shorter coat variety. Feel free to contact me for pics and pedigrees of this litter.
All pups have dew claws removed, tails docked to be about seven inches at maturity, health checked, bred for genetic stability, 100 percent guaranteed for any reason. If you don't like your puppy for any reason we will replace it with another pup. We can also micro chip your pup and have already purchased the its placement in the national recovery registry. We will micro chip your dog without the registry for a cheaper price but we do not recommend this. If you have any other questions or want to see some of our dogs working in the field you can contact us at either number below or go to our website and watch some of the videos of our hunts and dogs doing what they are bred to do.
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