AKC red setter

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AKC red setter

  Randall Davis

  34443 w 120th st
          Excelsior Springs, Missouri - United States



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Thanks for your interest in my Red Setters. We have a nice litter now that will soon be seven weeks old. These red setters make very good hunting dogs as well as excellent companions. The mother, Judy, is a sweetheart. She's calm, well mannered and attentive. But when she's in the field, she's all business. A very thorough hunter that ranges out to around eighty yards. That's a good thing about red setters, you don't have to hunt for them when hunting birds. As far as the male/female choice, it's been my experience that males are just as good as females in all aspects. Loyalty, attention, hunting, etc. Males seem to have a bit more tenacity when in the field, staying in the hunt until you're ready to go home. Then it seems they flip a switch and become your loving buddy, it's quite incredible.

We ship our pups at eight weeks old. Generally they have a brief exposure to live birds, smelling them in the cages, playing with a wing on the string, and sometimes mouthing a dead bird to get the "feel" of it. It's remarkable to see a small pup, playing and bounding about, then come to a bird in a cage and they stop, drink in this wonderful scent and it's like a light bulb comes on. The breeding and genetic ancestry kicks in. They focus their attention to it and seem to know this is their purpose in life.

At this point I ask all my customers about their hunting situations and style and how much room will this pup have at home. I like to see these dogs go to home with plenty of yard room and know that the owners will hunt this dog. That's what their made for.