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AKC/NAVHDA Registered - Shooting Starrs Linebreeding

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Rebel has extraordinary intelligence and cooperation , wrapped up in a very snappy package, that is especially pleasant to live with. She is easy to train and my youngest son Sean Patrick helped with most of Utility Test training when he was seven — Rebel handles as honestly for him as she does for me. She consistently delivers a very workmanship performance in the marsh and her calm nature makes for an enjoyable blind companion. Rebel is the forth generation of Natural Ability Prize I and that guarantees early developing pups that have all the tools.
A few stats on Rebel’s background – a tradition of excellence!
* Both Rebel’s Sire and Dam are NAVHDA Versatile Champions, and AKC Master Hunters.
* She is fourth generation Natural Ability Prize I /112 points MAX SCORE.
* Rebel and her littermates qualified for their Natural Ability Breeders Award with all four dogs earning Prize I, 112 points!!
Rebel earned a NAVHDA Utility Test Prize I in 2003 and competed in the NAVHDA Invitational in 2004 where she missed by one single point. Future plans include re-qualifying for the Invitational and working on AKC Senior and Master Hunter.

A few words on Jordan from his owner, DVM Jim Reiser:
Jordy is Sonny's (Shooting Starrs Son Of A Gun) son of an old crossbreeding. He represents our sixth generation of NAVHDA utility dogs and fifth generation AKC Master hunters. As a young dog we saw amazing potential and he has accomplished his testing titles at a young age. Jordy has earned a Natural Ability Prize I, 112 points, Utility Prize I, 199 pts, AKC Master Hunter, AKC walking field trial placement of four points, and NSTRA placements (5 pts) Jordy participated in the 2004 NAVHDA Invitational and passed, receiving the title of Versatile Champion! Jordy's high desire, style, trainability and cooperation in the field and water have made him an exciting dog to train, test and especially hunt. His enthusiasm and stamina allow us to hunt him for consecutive long days afield. His strong nose, aggressive search in heavy cover, staunch pointing, and natural retrieving have made him one of our most productive hunting dogs. He is a tremendous Ruffed Grouse dog. Like his father, Sonny, he's also very calm affectionate dog around the family. Jordy is a proven breeding male with a strong ability to pass on his traits. He has produced numerous natural ability breeder award litters, and several utility dogs, and FOUR Versatile Champions!
This litter is expected to produce excellent hunting and competition prospects.
Physically sound and mentally stable hunting partner with the desire, cooperation and intelligence to finish early and easy.