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SportDog NoBark SBC-10R - Product Reviews

SportDog NoBark SBC-10R

Overall Customer Rating:
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
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No match for my dog
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Summary:This product was designed to automatically switch off for a full 3 minutes if your dog keeps on barking for 15 times within 80 seconds. I guess they did this as a failsafe not to over stimulate your dog. However, my dog eventually figured how to beat the collar. He kept on barking and barking until eventually the collar switched off. He was then free to bark over and over again. It was like the barking was worse after we’ve used the collar. This was a terrible decision. We shouldn’t have bought this collar. I guess our dog is just too much of a barker for this collar. I’m currently searching for another product that could pacify my dog. His barking has been worsening no thanks to this product.
Pros:No effect, Automatically switch off
Looking for a new collar
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Summary:I’m currently looking for a new collar since this bark collar isn’t working on my dog. I tested it first just to be sure that it is operating. I felt the zap on my wrist so I’m sure it is working as it is supposed to be but my dog just can’t feel it. She really doesn’t show any sign that she can feel anything. I’ve even tried the highest setting on her but still nothing. It’s really frustrating. I was really expecting a lot from this collar since it was highly recommended by a good dog trainer. I’ve also read a lot of good reviews about this collar. It’s really disappointing because the collar looks like it is made of high quality material and that it runs on rechargeable batteries. It could have been a great collar if only my dog shows any reaction that she can feel the buzz on the collar. I guess I need to look for another collar.
Cons:Disappoint, No effect
Scared my dog
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Summary:The problem with my dog is that he barks a lot if I’m not around him. I wanted to train him to stop barking so that I can leave for work not worrying about disturbing the neighborhood with his non-stop barking. I bought this product after careful reading of the several other options available. I tested it on myself first. I was kind of surprised with the jolt. But it wasn’t really painful so I proceeded with putting it on my dog. I went outside the house but close enough to hear my dog bark. As soon as he started barking, I zapped him and he suddenly let out a painful cry. Note that I was using the lowest setting. I tried it for the second time and I still got the same reaction from my dog. It was just too much for him. I couldn’t stand hearing him whimper in pain. Even after removing the collar, he still seemed shaken.
Cons:Too much shock
Shocked my dog even when not barking
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Summary:This product is supposed to be full proof when it comes to detecting the bark of the dog wearing the collar and sending the right correction at the right moment. Based on its product description, it is supposed to shock your dog if and only if the collar detects both the sound of your dog’s bark and the vibration from the bark. Without one or the other, the collar shouldn’t be able to shock your dog. This is to ensure that the collar is not triggered by any other thing other than your dog’s bark. But this collar shocked my dog even if my dog wasn’t barking! It scared the wits out of him! It was triggered by the loud sounds coming from our neighbor. It wasn’t supposed to do that! A collar at this price range should do what it is supposed to do. I wasted my money on this one. Don’t buy this product if you love your dog.
Pros:Shock without barking

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