How to Properly Fit an Electronic Collar on Your Dog.

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How to Ensure a Proper Fit of the SportDOG Collar Receiver On Your Dog

REMINDER: To have an efficient training session, it is critical that the Sport Dog Collar is properly worn and properly fitted on your dog. It is important that both Contact Points / Probes are directly touch the skin of your dog.

The following guidelines will help ensure a correct fit:

1. When attaching the collar, make sure that your dog is in a standing position. Place the collar on your dog making sure that the Contact Points are beneath the neck of your dog and touching your dog’s skin. If you find this difficult since your dog has thick hair, you can either cut his hair within the proximity of the Contact Points or just opt for the longer Contact Points which is available together with your unit.  The following SportDOG units contain both long and short contact points:  SD-105SD-400, SD-800, SD-1825 and SD-1875. Please note, the SportDOG 10R No Bark Collar does not contain interchangeable contact point. 

2.  Make sure that the Collar Receiver fits your dog snugly. However, don’t place it too tight. It should be loose enough to allow one finger to pass between the neck of your dog and the collar.

3.  After a few minutes of letting your dog wear the collar, check its fit again. As your dog becomes accustomed with the collar, recheck the fit just to make sure.

4.  If trimming the collar is necessary:

a. Measure the collar around your dog’s neck and place some type of pen marking on the collar where you need to cut. Keep in mind, if the dog is young, he will grow and in the winter, the dog’s coat is thicker.

b. Remove the collar from the dog and cut off any excess material. Do not cut off any part of the collar that contains an antenna.  To seal the cut edge of the newly cut collar,simply apply a hot flame to the cut edge to melt it back down so it will not fray.

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