How to Charge the SportDOG SD-400 and SD-800 Remote Transmitters

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How to Charge the SportDOG SD-400 and SD-800 Remote Transmitters

Charging the SportDOG SD-400 Transmitter
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The following article applies to the SportDOG SD-400, SD400S, SD400 Camo and SD-800.

1.  Access the Charging Jack by removing the rubber cover which is protecting it.  Otherwise know as the "Mud Plug".

2.  Get the charger and plug the connector to the Charging Jack.

3.  Find a power socket and plug the charger in.  Make sure that it is a standard 120-volt outlet.

4.  The initial charging time is 24 hours.  Future attempts to charge the system should take less than 12 hrs. Please note - the Transmitter Indicator Light will flash after 12 hrs. of charging but will continue to charge for another 12 hrs. on the initial charge.

5.  After charging completely, unplug the charger.  Be sure to replace the mud plug (black rubber cover) to ensure the charging jack is protected while using the system.

NOTE: The battery life for the SD-400 and SD-800 systems between charges is approximately 40-60 hours, depending on the amount of usage.

Transmitter Indicator Light Meaning:

Continuous Stimulation or Tone Only button – Indicator Light will be Solid in Color

Momentary (Nick) Stimulation button - Indicator Light will Flash Once

Low Battery – Continuous Stimulation or Tone Only button- Indicator Light Flashes Continuously

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