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Chop Cup Styles
Comfort is a necessity when selecting hearing protection. There are many styles of bands made from all types of material; for example, molded cushioned plastic, wire bands and neckbands. All of these styles address comfort.

The “over the head” fit is the standard style. In this fit the band sits across the top of your head like a pair of stereo headphones. The band can be made from molded plastic or wire, some come padded while others fit to your head’s form. All quality units are fully adjustable to fit and form a perfect seal between the muff and user. Keep in mind that if you wear a hat other than a baseball cap you may want to consider a neckband or a new hat. Neckbands offer the same level of comfort and fit to user’s neck thus allowing any size hat.

The “neck-band” offers the user the same level of comfort but greater flexibility due to the lack of a head band. The band sits along the back of the head and neck which allows the user to wear any type of hat. The drawback to this style is comfort and the lack of flexibility for a true fit. Convenience of fit definitely outweighs performance.

Electronic hearing protection has the ability to amplify sound. Technology is the largest difference. Currently, there are two different types of technology used in today’s hearing protection. While each is different in application, both offer more than adequate protection to the average user.

The first method, Peak Clipping, refers to such units as the Peltor Tactical 6S and Browning Hearing Protection. While shooting, or when an unsafe sound is detected, the unit actually shuts itself off and clips the sound. The electronics rely on the NRR of the cup and reverts the unit back to a passive level of protection for a split second until the noise passes and the unit turns back to amplification mode. Prices on these units range from approximately $99.00 - $180.00.

Headband Styles
The other method, Compression, takes an unsafe sound and reduces it to a safe level. The electronics in the unit provide an environment where the user can always hear their surroundings. Many shooters prefer this type of electronics as it allows them to hear range commands and game as well as their shooting partners. Units offered by Pro-Ears, Walker Game Ear and Radian Hearing Protection all sport Compression Technology. Compression Technology can range from approximately $99.00 - $199.00, generally the higher the price the better the performance.

Inside the Ear Protection:
Inside the ear is considered to be the ultimate protection, as it offers higher NRR ratings and the latest Compression Technology. Inside the ear protection, like the units offered by Electronic Shooters Protection - ESP, provide long lasting comfort, peak performance and total convenience. The small “hearing aide” style unit simply slips into the ear and is forgotten. There is no possible way to bump the unit or dislodge it from the ear, it’s simply a case of “set it and forget it”. The down side is that this micro-technology is costly. Entry level units start around $800.00 per pair and work their way up to $1800.00 for the top of the line fully digital CD quality.

Final Note:
Hearing protection only works if worn. Please make sure you match your hearing protection to your application and do not forget to wear proper eye protection. If you have any questions, please give our knowledgeable sales staff a call and they will be more than happy to help and answer your questions. Call GundogsOnline.com toll free at 1-866-4GUNDOG.
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