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Walker Game Ear - Electronic Hearing Protection

Walker Game Ear has become one of the most well recognized and accepted brands of electronic hearing protection. For 15 years, hunters in more than 10 countries have benefited from this indispensable hunting accessory. Walkers Game Ear allows hunters to hear approaching game before being seen. A Game Ear also protects hearing from the harmful effects of muzzle blasts thanks to the special built in safety circuit which compresses noise levels at 110dB. And of course Walker's is a complete line of hearing enhancement and protective devices including Power Muff Quad's for range shooters. Bob Walker. the founder, of Walker Game Ear has developed everything from muff style to inside the ear hearing protection. Walker Game Ear uses compression technology.

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Walker Game Ear - Electronic Hearing Protection Items

  • Walkers Power Muff Quad + AFT Image
    Walkers Power Muff Quad is designed with four individual high frequency response microphones. Each ear cup has a front and rear mounted microphone, covered with a high-density foam windscreen.
    • NRR: 24 dB
    • Chop Side Cup
    • Sound Activated Technology Compression
    • Adjust Frequencies for Personal Preference
    • Lightweight, Adjustable
  • Walkers Power Muffs - Range Ear + AFT Image
    Walkers Range Ear Power Muffs - Allows you to hear like you have never heard before.  Lightweight and Adjustable headband.  Wind resistant high frequency microphones.
    • NRR: 24 dB
    • Chop Cup Design 
    • Sound Activated Compression  technology
    • AFT - Adjustable FREQ Tuning
    • Hear up to 8 times
  • Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack   Image
    Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack -For ALL of the models offered. This set of 4 batteries is great to keep on hand for an extra or replacement set. 
    • For Pro Ears and Walker Models
    • 4 batteries included