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Waterfowl Hunting

Photographs of success on blue sky days, torrential down pours, sleet, snow and wind, that depict of one of our nations greatest past times, waterfowl hunting. Don't forget to enter your photos in the photo contest. You can enter as many photos as you would like.

Great Retrieve

Posted By:Jamie Bailer on 11/12/2013

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Location: Michigan, United States
My 2.5 year old lab, Brooke's, made a great retrieve this season. Very long swim in very mucky conditions.
Ryan Wynn - Likes this Photo Posted on 11/14/2013

laura list - Likes this Photo Posted on 11/13/2013

Lori Stone - Likes this Photo Posted on 11/12/2013

Alex Sookhai - Likes this Photo Posted on 11/12/2013

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