Upland Hunting

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Upland Hunting

A collection of memories captured in photographs of days spent afield chasing upland birds from all across the country with our favorite hunting buddies, our dogs. Don't forget to enter your photos in the photo contest. You can enter as many photos as you would like.

Lab Sisters First Birds

Posted By:Andy Houdek on 9/11/2016

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Location: Minnesota, United States
I am 29 and have really become obsessed with hunting as a result of my father in-law's passion for the outdoors, especially hunting pheasant. I have been going on trips to South Dakota for three years now and have always dreamed of having my own dog after watching how excited my hunting partners were when their dog(s) flushed and retrieved a bird. I was lucky enough to be able to get a lab from the same litter as my father in-law and so began the experience of owning a hunting lab. It has been an incredible experience and I have been very lucky to have a father in-law with so much knowledge and experience he has been willing to share. I cannot wait to be out in the field with my dog this year and experience the excitement I have only been able to watch the past few years. This picture shows the first pheasants our dogs were able to "share" during my first hunting experience, with my very own gun dog.
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