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Dog Kennel

  Michelle Nichols

  MO-United States



Arrow N Ranch - Part of our family business is that we custom build dog/pet enclosures.

We offer Single kennels up to 4-holes. Example: If you need 8 holes, we will build two seperate 4-hole kennels. Each hole being 4×4 or 4×6.

Our kennels are built with 1.5" square tubing and are welded solid for a sturdy and durable structure.

We believe in quality products and quality customer service, because that is what we would want!

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• Singles
4×4 is $700.00
4×6 is $900.00

• The 2-Hole kennel with
4×4 runs is $1,300.00
4×6 runs is $1,700.00

• The 3-Hole kennel with
4×4 runs is $1,800.00
4×6 runs is $2,400.00

• The 4-Hole kennel with
4×4 runs is $2,300.00
4×6 runs is $3,100.00

Our prices include:
• Plastic or wood flooring
• Clip-in food and water buckets
• Barrels
• Sheet metal roof
• Primed and painted structure

Our prices fluctuate with metal prices. These are current and up-to-date as of January 2019.

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We wanted to be sure in the product we were making and selling, and the benefits of these custom kennels is truly outstanding!


• Faster, easier chore time. Door to door watering. Great height to fill food dishes. No more dumped water buckets.

• Keeps your dogs from chewing through cheap kennel pannels. No chains for your dog to drag around. Nobody enjoys losing their dog because they got out or having dogs get in with each other.

• Easy to clean. We spray ours down with a hose, soap, and broom brush to keep each dog hole clean and fresh.

• No bending over to clip your leash or have dogs run out by your feet.

• Female in heat but you don't want one of your dogs or a neighbor's to get in? Easy fix! Nothing can get in and she can't get out.

• Works with your flea and tick application process by keeping your dogs up off the ground. If they happen to get fleas, they drop through the floors and are unable to just jump/crawl right back on.

• Good for all weather conditions. We use straw in our barrels during the colder weather, and it is easy to place in or clean out.

• Movable for clean up or relocating. Move it to clean under it with a skidsteer or tractor loader. Relocate it to an opposite side of building due to weather conditions, to a new building or part of your yard/farm, or if you move you are able to load it up and take it with you!

• Continues to hold value, unlike chain link fences that can be chewed through or bent.

• We found these kennels personally more attractive and professional than our ground kennels. Not to mention dogs can't dig in or out, and certainly aren't able to chew in or out of them either!

• Flooring choices we provide are: Treated wood or Plastic flooring like they use in hog/chicken barns. Both are safe and easy to clean.

• White sheet metal roof provided for shade and to keep out weather.

The benefits are endless.

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Contact us text, phone, or PM at 417-366-9235 for orders, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Located in Wheatland, Missouri