Innotek command series 200 dog collar

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Innotek command series 200 dog collar

  Ross Jurek

  MN-United States



I have for sale a used Command Series™ 200 dog collar training system for hunters. It is in perfect working order. About the size of a deck of cards and weighing less than six ounces, Command Series transmitters are compact and convenient to use.

Remote trainers have two basic parts, a remote transmitter and a collar/receiver. You control the transmitter and its training signals (**static shock), sending corrective action to your dog's receiver/collar. Your dog will quickly learn to avoid the corrective signals by eliminating bad behaviors and by listening to your commands!
**The static-shock signals are similar to the ones we get after sliding across a carpet and touching the wall- annoying, but harmless!

Product Info:

Recommended uses:

* basic obedience
* advanced training
* long-range


* up to 1/2 mile in clear, open terrain.

Effective, versatile training system offers:

* 4 available stimulation levels (static shock)
* 4 immediately available stimulation levels
* Optional simultaneous tone correction
* Choose from 3 tone modes:
1. Optional tone during stimulation
2. No-tone during stimulation
3. 1.5 pre-stimulation warning tone
* Add another collar/receiver later, and control both with one transmitter


* Includes 1 collar and 1 receivers
* Internal receiver antenna means less chance of collar snagging on brush
* Radio frequency communication between transmitter and receivers:
Program your system to prevent interference from other sources with choice of 2048 ID codes
* Receiver features a magnetic ON/OFF switch - no fear of unintentionally turning off during training
* Uses a replaceable 3 Volt lithium receiver battery lasts 100's of hours