Custom 5 Hole Dog Box

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Custom 5 Hole Dog Box

  Marcia Krassler

  MA-United States



This is a custom designed Dog Box that fits in the bed of a full size pick up truck. I have used this for only 2 seasons.

This Dog Box is made of stainless steel and is insulated.

There are 5 holes that are big enough to hold a large dog like a Labrador, Shorthair, Hound, German Sheppard, ect., or 2 smaller dogs such as Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, ect.

Each hole has its own light inside.

Louvered front doors with rubber mats inside.

The box also holds approximately 40 gallons of water. (2 Twenty Gallon Tanks on either side).

There is an air chamber in the back with 5 fans inside.

There is a Hot Dog temperature control unit that can be set to your own desired temperature. When the temperature in the box reaches you preset limit the fans automatically come on and exchange the air in the box and cools down the box to a preset low temperature. This unit runs off the 12 volts battery in your vehicle.

This box was custom made for me at the price of $10,000.00. I am willing to sell it for the price of $7,000.00 or make an offer.

Please call 413-209-1553 or email for pictures.