Innotek E Collars & Launcher

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Innotek E Collars & Launcher

  Ken Wrobel

  NY-United States


I have two seperate ecollar systems and a release trap for sale.

The first is a 1600Track n Train with two collars (ecollar with beepers)

The second is TT-100A system with one ecollar /beeper.

I also have a remote bird launcher that works with the 1600. All collars work fine. Beeper is cracked on one but works. The TT-100 system is only about a year old. The launcher is in great shape only a year old. I just bought a new battery for 1600 transmitter a few months ago and Innotek replaced one of the collars. I have all the cases and owners manuals.

$225.00 for the 1600 T&T and Launcher

$100.00 for the TT 100

+ shipping

I have used these types of ecollars on coonhounds, birddogs and beagles.

I can email photos if you want.

I recently purchased a new setup and do not need this.

Thanks- Email me @ [email][/email][/email]