Innotek PB-500 beeper collar-never been in the field

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Innotek PB-500 beeper collar-never been in the field

  Mark Fish

  IN-United States


Innotek PB-500 Pro Beeper Collar. Used maybe 20 minutes, never been in the field. Brochure with it says "iThis is Innotek's top-of-the-line bepper collar built for hunters who don't let bad weather end their hunt. New patent pending technology means this beeper colar is absolutely unaffected by severe weather. Even a driving rain can't shut down the beeper element's function or audibility. It also incorporates new technology that makes it easier to locate your dog in heavy cover. It's ultra-low frequency (pitch) provides better audibility for hunters with less than perfect hearing, better directional sense and greater audible range. The PB-500 also provides plenty of options to fit any hunter's preference. It allows selection of four pitch modes: low sweep, tone, warble and hawk scream. It also allows volume adjustment: low, for close range hunting situations or training, and high for wide-ranging dogs or hunting in heavy cover. Hunters also get their choice of duration betwen beeps: Normal (once every 10 seconds), Grouse (once every 5 seconds), and Silent. When a dog is on point, the beep sounds once a second, no matter which mode the unit is in". Included is the collar with receiver and speaker, and the magnet/keychain used to set the various modes. The unit will be shipped in the original box with instruction manual and 3-volt lithium battery it came with (battery still works, just tried it, but may want a new one, I think they are $3-$4). Can email pictures. Price includes Priority Mail shipping, and I accept PayPal. Thanks, good hunting and may the Good Lord be your Guide.