SUMA KISS OF KINGS SH, now at stud

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SUMA KISS OF KINGS SH, now at stud

  Jessica Kalupa

  MO-United States




We would like to announce that SUMA KISS OF KINGS SH is now at stud to approved hunting dams.

"Trapper" is an easy-going, gentle, and focused dog. He is very quiet in the house and enjoys the company of "his people". He lives to hunt and to please anyone that he is currently with; as he has been handled by Junior Handlers in the Junior Hunter field and passed, guided for complete strangers, and fairs well with being left alone in the house. "Trapper" has that eager, alert but reserved "edge" about him that makes him fun to train, test or hunt. We feel "Trapper" has a sound rear and front assembly, but he is a slow maturer and at 3, is finally developing a chest. This allows us for ample time for him in the field. He is also one of our #1 dog in the field or water as he gives all 110% of him every day of the week for hunts that start at 8AM and end at 3PM!

Now, to brag on him a little bit -- "Trapper" passed his JH and SH with ease, and has continued on to the Master field getting 4 out of the 5 required to finish this title (all before his 3rd birthday), we plan to finish his MH in the Fall 2010. He is also training for his NAVHDA Utility that he will test in come Spring 2011. He is also currently training for his Novice Obedience (CD) title that we hope to also have completed before 2010 is over. We have big hopes and dreams for this boy!

His pedigree is LIEBLINGHAUS which is known for producing high-quality show dogs that HUNT, with numerous DCs, HT and AFC/FC titled dogs. Trapper's sire, Chief, is a HOF inductee and was Obedience Sire of the Year. Trapper's dam, Kissy, is from the prominent BLEUGRAS lines which are known to produce excellent show dogs as well, but Kissy goes back to many noteworthy dogs that are German Klemann winners, coming from vom Riverwoods stock. One look at his pedigree and it is clear to see potential!

Trapper is OFA GOOD with NORMAL elbows, and we wish to see the same with any brood bitches that should be brought to him. GOOD or EXCELLENT preferred, and with a SENIOR or MASTER, as well if you only have hunting titles. NAVHDA UTILITY is also fine. We would like to breed him to quality bitches but we will not draw a line at just those titles. Our main concern is to produce healthy and temperamentally sound puppies, hunting ability is an added plus. We ask that you send pictures (front, side [stacked preferred], rear, head), pedigree, and OFA/PENNHip reports when e-mailing.