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Stud for PB Lab

  John Sartin

  RI-United States


My 11 year old Daughter has a Pet Purebred (no papers) Lab, coming on two years old. Prior to having her spade she would like to raise one litter of puppies to provide puppies to:

The owner of her dog's mother: Her puppy was the only female from the litter and the breeder had wanted to keep a female but the puppies father's (registered, working lab) owner (my daughter's aunt) had pick of the litter and had transferred POL to my daughter. Since my daughter selected the only female we agreed to breed her once to provide the mother's owner with a female puppy. Presently the mother's owner has 3 generations of purebred females and desires to have a forth.

Family members: Several family members have requested that we breed her to get a puppy for them Aunts, Uncles and cousins have requested a pup and would surely make a good home for the puppies.

Friends: Several friends from school, girl scouts, and such have also requested that we breed her to obtain puppies for them. All of which we believe to be good homes for dogs. Parents have approved and/or requested puppies.

We are confident that all puppies would have good homes and care. In the event there are more puppies than we have request, we will keep them ourselves.

We are negotiable in amount that we can pay for stud and/or will consider buying affordable purebred or registered male suitable for breeding. We also remain open to providing a home for a retired working dog that can service her (once).

We are not dog breeders nor do we have a desire to be. We plan to breed her only once to hold to our word and provide puppies to a few friends and family that have requested a pup. We plan to immediately spay her after delivery.

If you would consider providing service to her or could refer us to someone who could provide access as above we would be appreciative.