Brittnay hunter for stud.

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Brittnay hunter for stud.

  Paul Milazzo

  5601 Georgia dr
          Bakersfield, Delaware - United States



My hunting buddie and I own 9 yr old Brittinay brother and sister. Since she is spade,its up to
my britt Zeke to produce a pair of puppies to continue this line of dogs to the 5th generation.
Zeke in his 9 years has had close to 4000 California Valley quail shot over him,not to mention 100's of chukkar and pheasants.
This is NOT a field trial family. They are nice close working hunting dogs. Very good retrievers and many time bring in a live bird. We see these dogs many times a season
on point with a bird in their mouth. Sure when they were young, they could rip but after a few seasons they get closer. We have many hunting freinds that will back this up. Zeke has never been bred and seems quite ready. Pick of the litter for his service and we would pay for the second pup at a fair price. These dogs have never been to a trainer but they have all been great hunters and family dogs. Follow normal commands,fetch,kennel,go see,give,etc faithfully. Pictures available.
Bob Miller 661-871-7355 or
Paul Milazzo 661-327-7726 of Bakersfield ,Ca
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