5 X Master National Qualifier, Quallified All Age Chocolate Stud !

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5 X Master National Qualifier, Quallified All Age Chocolate Stud !

  Dean Grand

  TX-United States

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Sir Wolfgang "Jack" Maverick Master Hunter, Quallified All Age, in Field Trials. Jack Earned his Master Hunter Title at 27 months old ! Ran his first Master National at 2.5 Years old ! He Ran all 6 Series in Bend, Oregon but did not get a Master National Pass in 2002... This year, 2005 I ran him and we were in the top 94 retrievers in the Country ! He and I achieved earning the coveted "PLATE". at 5.5 years old he has 28 A.K.C. Master Passes. He is now Qualified for the 2006 Master National event in California. This makes him a 5 Time Master National Qualifier in almost 6 years of life ! He has competed in 4 Master National Events !
Last summer in 2004, Jack ran 6 Field Trial Qualifiyings and he finnished 4 ! He is all aged qualified (Q.A.A. ). He allows my 8 year old Daughter to run him in WC's and Junior Hunt Tests... He has a sweet and caring disposition around our home, but has eager, quvering desire to perform at his best in the field, and does. His linage includes some GREAT Louisiana hunting dogs to FC Lakeridges Magnum Mike X FC/AFC Frolikun Freeda in Jack's ancestry. He is well rounded and is Yellow Factored. He is Registered as an A.K.C. Retriever Stud with a D.N.A. Profile. His hips are O.F.A. "Good", Eyes "Clear".