Jagdterrier Male 3 years old

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Jagdterrier Male 3 years old

  Nathan Casey

  562 Cr 103
          562 Cr 103
          Stephenville, Texas - United States




I am rehoming my Jagdterrier. He is 3 years old.

He’s a great dog despite a few reasons why I must rehome him. I raised him from a pup. I hate to have to re home him.
Reasons why I’m rehoming him: He is agressive towards other male dogs.
- he kills cats
- he attacks livestock.

Although he has these challenges. He’s a great dog. He’s house trained, and crate trained. He doesn’t chew anything up. I hate to rehome him. I just cannot train him out of these problems due to my lack of knowledge and experience. I have been told by many other breeders of Jagdterriers, and owners, that killing cats and attacking livestock comes with the jagdterrier breed territory. We had 2 male dogs at one time and it was just to much always keeping them sepperate. I ended up rehoming him for 9 months, and purchased him back to try and see if I could train him out of these problems. He is our only pet at this time and he does great. We would like to have an indoor car and another dog. But we just can’t because of him.

I’m looking to place him in a home where he gets to live in the house, and gets to hunt. I do not want to place him in a home where he’s put in a kennel and lives in a kennel. I will not place him in a kennel home. I know he will be a tough fit for someone. But he’s a great dog. I think ideally he would be best as a one pet dog family. There is a rehoming fee.

He hunts anything you want. Please call for more info and pictures.