2 Female GSP's

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2 Female GSP's

  B. DeForest

  CO-United States



I have gotten to a spot and my dogs need to go to good hunting homes.
I have a solid Liver female that is 6 years old and is a good hunter, very loyal and good bloodlines. (Registered name is Outlanders Irmgaard Vom Kuz)
I also have a Liver Roan Patched female that is a year old and has the potential to be a great hunter. This past year I have worked with her a little on Shed finding since our wild bird population has decreased some. She is a ball of fire in a little dog that can go all day. She has good hunting dogs in her pedigree.

I would like $700 each but am willing to make a deal if they go together.

Please contact me if interested or just questions in general.