Guinnes 8 year old Y/R Lab

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Guinnes 8 year old Y/R Lab

  Erin Rogers

  CA-United States


Guinness is a Force Fetched, crate trained, experienced and driven hunter. Zero bad habits, My Exhusband spent about $4000 total having her trained and took her to a couple field trials. She was a "Gift" to me( I do not hunt), and when my dog(The "Family" Dog) started beating his "Work" dogs, which he paid twice as much for, He got bitter and stopped testing her. I have had peopl offer me obscene amounts of money for her at the dog park, etc. There is just something very special about this dog. She is very smart, kid proof, loves hunting, loves people, loves her kennel, Best tempermant Ive ever seen on a dog. I just am not a hunter and can't give her what she needs. I'll never have a dog like this again, so I want her to go to a really good home. She can read hand signals(But she's rusty be gentle), she can fetch doubles on land and water, She even chased a live turkey out of a tree once. I'm sure Im not asking enough for her, and my ex would have heart failure if he knew, but he didnt treat her right/ shes in really good health, I have her bloodlines somewhere. Perfect for someone who wants a dog to huntwith right away with no hassle.