English Pointer male with 2 years wild bird experience

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English Pointer male with 2 years wild bird experience

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States




Ace is a pointer mans dog, all business. True to his genetics he's tough and has one of the best noses you'll find on a dog. Ace has incredible genetics. His dad is one of, if not the tightest bred 25x CH Crows Little Joe dog in the country and his mom is a daughter of 7x Champion Sawyers Little Jewel (also a 25x CH Crows Little Joe bred dog) and 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude. 25x CH Crows Little Joe dogs bred to 9x NC CH Honky Tonk Attitude dogs are incredible bird dogs (as many people well know).

Ace is gundog trained (steady to flush), whoa broke, whistle trained, collar conditioned, here broke and loads to the truck/box on command. He's a natural retriever (will pick up the bird and sometimes bring it to you, sometimes drops it on the way back and heads back out hunting). He could be force broke however when he gets into an owner/dog situation (instead of with 12 other dogs) the bond with the owner generally will get them to retrieve back all the way so force fetching isn't necessary.

Aces main attributes are his incredible nose (top 90-95%) and his hard work ethic. His main draw back is he doesn't have a poker straight tail (if he did, he would make a great NSTRA dog). Tails don't find birds though, nose and work ethic do so for finding birds, he's got all the tools.

Call 913-839-7086 and ask for Shawn or e-mail this ad.