Wanted - Started GSP Male

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Wanted - Started GSP Male

  Ron C.

  MT-United States


Want to purchase a one to three year old GSP darker liver and roan male with white through the forehead and around the muzzle. Prefer to have a more snout/blockier build with a more blocky head with a more square muzzle. Strong pointing and retrieve instinct is a must along with a strong prey drive. I prefer a standard to a longer field dock. The shorthair will be hunting 100 plus day a year with my nine year old with a similar description for wild sharptail, roosters, huns and green heads/canadas. The GSP will be staying instead the home and be a 24/7 companion. I am flexible on price depending on GSP. Please send photos from both sides and the front. Please email loneflyinc@yahoo.com and I'll get back to you immediately. Thanks