Sisters - 2 field trained English setters

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Sisters - 2 field trained English setters

  Sarah Davis

  882 Mason Bay Rd
          Jonesport, Maine - United States



These two purebred English Setters are sisters, one litter apart, different fathers. They are well-behaved, high energy and anxious to hunt. Their hunter/owner died, and they have missed a season. They are hoping to get back out there this year.

Abbie and Maggie are 4 years old, spayed, chipped, and up to date on all shots. Maggie dislocated her knee two years ago and it was surgicaly repaired, and she is doing just fine now. They get along well with other dogs, children and cats. They live in the house with two other dogs.

Their breeder is a neighbor, and I have papers. I can get can more information on the type of training they've received. Abbie and Maggie are extremely close, and must be placed together.