Started Yellow Male Lab

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Started Yellow Male Lab

  Kevin Schram

  MI-United States



He's about 75lbs, and loves to retreive.He has hunted chuckars ,woodcock, and grouse also ducks.Awesome looking dog and great around kids and good around other dogs. He sits, stays,kennels,collar conditioned and has been started on whistle to sit.When he hears a gun go off he knows thats fun time and gets fired up.I am selling him as a hunting dog only he can not be used for breeding,so if your not looking for a stud dog and want a good hunting partner for a long time and don't want to wait awhile and go thru the puppy training he' your man. The only reason I am selling him is I am trying to get down to one female. He's calm and the best all around dog I have ever had You wont be disappointed.He has very strong hunting lines Saukriver, and Cashman he's 2 1/2 years old and has many years left in him with a real good start in training Just tell him kennel and go hunting. Email me and I can pics and pedigree.