3 yr old female Eng Setter - showy, lots of drive, personable

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3 yr old female Eng Setter - showy, lots of drive, personable

  Sandra Halvorson

  MN-United States



"Meg" is an orange & white English setter out of great lines. Originally trained as a horseback trial dog she has transitioned very nicely to foot hunting and was successfully used at a hunting preserve in SW Nebraska and NE Iowa for 6 months.

She covers a field quickly and efficiently, yet does not run over birds. Trained to quarter as needed using verbal commands or a tone on an electric collar, you can work her loose for large fields or tight in thick cover. Clients requested her for her beauty and ability in the field.

Being field trial bred, she is an athletic 35#, travels very well and is an incredibly family pet. She is housebroken and thrives around people, so I believe she should maintain her duo-role as a family pet and hunting phenomenon.

The reason for selling her is that I will be going active Army and feel I should offer her to someone who would enjoy her as much as I have.