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  Don Freeman

  1425 Bear Creek Rd.
          Leicester, North Carolina - United States



Whelped 4/23/2004, just turned six years old, liver and white, in perfect health, this dog is no has been or will be, but she is the real deal. Broke on all game, can hunt with the best of any breed, close to medium but can move out if you long blast the whistle. Any child can handle her, she will quarter or can line depending on the terrian. She is as good a ruff grouse dog as you will fine, has had over 250 wild ruff grouse shot over her, goes to cover. Excellent ring neck pheasant dog, points with style, 12 o'clock, backs the same way, whoa broke, kennel broke, retreives to hand and will hold until told to give. She has had one litter of pups, before the age of two, tight belly, excellent bloodlines, 20 champions in four generations.
FC< AFC< Big Oaks Snap-E-Tom line breed, dam is out of Snap-E-Tom and FC AFC Winnjammers Snap-E-Tom, goes back to Checkmate, PJ Wildfire, Dixieland Rusty, NAFC, FC AFC Big Oaks Irish Mist. Would make a great mother to raise pups, but she is a hunting dog and I would like to see her remain. She is the Engerzer bunny on the ground alway wide open, has a super nose, don't knock birds, if birds are to be found she will find them.
Reason for selling, I keep three dogs and am going to pick up a young male the first of Sept. to start this season. If I had room for her, she would stay with me until she leaves here. I have no problem standing behide this dog 100%. It's time to start another young dog and bring alone, which I enjoy doing from time to time. I will ship her or have a dog hauler pick her up turn key for $2,000. Health certificate provided, Photo upon request, call any time and I will answer any questions about her that you may ask.