Started Llewellin Setter - 1.5 Years Old

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Started Llewellin Setter - 1.5 Years Old

  Jon Grandon

  IA-United States



Born: 12.08.08

Weight: 46 lbs.

Markings: Blue Belton (Moderately ticked)

Kayden came to Tall Corn Kennels as “rescue” dog after his original owners underestimated the energy level of a full-grown hunting dog. Kayden has been at our kennel since early February 2010. He knows all of the essential house commands and has done well in our pack showing no aggression towards other dogs or people. Kayden has lots of energy and needs lot of exercise. He is crate trained and has slept indoors since his arrival at our house with no accidents. He also thrives outdoors in our yard and outdoor kennels.

Kayden’s new owner can expect him to:

• Thoroughly search an area looking for birds
• Point birds when found
• Stand steady until the handler flushes the bird
• Give chase to the bird, but return quickly when called
• Respond to “here” both with and without e-collar stimulation
• Respond to “whoa” both with and without e-collar stimulation
• Stay out in front of the hunter when hunting
• Show a natural retrieve, but not force broke to retrieve
• Kennel on command in crate, outdoor kennel, and dog box
• Hunt at a medium foot hunter range

He is up-to-date on shots and ready to be a hunting partner this fall. I will have video available of Kayden late July and be able to showcase him finding, pointing, and retrieving a bird along with showing his progress in whoa training. Kayden will be ready to go to his new home August 15. Kayden is currently not registered, but can be through the FDSB.

Please call or email for pictures.

Contact Information:

Jon Grandon
Tall Corn Kennels
1340 Terrace St.
Marion, IA 52302
P: 319.389.2465