Top Ruffed Grouse dog...French Britt

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Top Ruffed Grouse dog...French Britt

  Paul Kiser

  WY-United States



I am selling my best bird dog....Danner is a French Brittany. He is a Black tri color. He backs, retrieves and just doesn't bump birds/grouse. His hunting (wild birds only)has been extensive. He has been a great stud dog as well, throwing some great pups....although, none as truly natural as him. He has great experience, as I guide Mearns quail hunts in southern AZ. and then on to the Appalachias for ruffed grouse. Typically, Danner hunts from Oct. thru Feb. every day. I will sell him (only) to an avid Eastern/midwestern Grouse hunter. He is truly an exceptional grouse dog...his first season as a puppy (10 months to 12 months), he pointed 360 WV grouse without bumbing a bird. I know it sounds unbelievable but its true. I guarantee his ability on grouse and Mearns quail. Thats all he has hunted. Please, serious inquiries only. If your looking for a great grouse dog and family companion, this is your dog.