Wanted Started English Pointer

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Wanted Started English Pointer

  Bill Johnston

  KY-United States



I am looking for a reasonably priced English Pointer. Reasonable meaning $100-$500. I am looking for a dog with good style (high head and high tail) that looks pleasing to the eye. Meaning the dog should look happy and alert, not beaten and scared. I have raised and trained several pointers and am not interested in culls. If you are selling because the dog obviously has something wrong with it (gunshy, been mistreated, birdshy, launcher shy, looks rough) then it probably won't suit me either. I don't mind if the dog isn't very far along in training as long as it is near or over a year of age. Must be regsitered. Please send pics, price, & short description to me at unsunghero23@hotmail.com

Please note I am not trying to be rude. I just don't want to waste your time or mine. I know the price limits me, but I have successfully bought many good dogs at this price, many people have also tried to mislead me. I am located in central KY and am willing to travel 3-4 hours for the right prospect. Thanks