Finished Female English Springer Spaniel

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Finished Female English Springer Spaniel

  Chris Wargny

  60 E, Baltimore St.
          Hagerstown, Maryland - United States



Midlands BeeSee was trained with a pea whistle and an e-collar. She obeys quite well. To get her to hup, you can tell her "hup" or one solid blast on the whistle, she will sit. When you hunt her you have her heel, hup her, then cast her with 2 blows on the whistle. She will take hand signals to turn or if you blow the whistle twice, she will change directions and quarter back the other way. To have her come a solid trill on the whistle will do. She is steady to wing and shot. She is so healthy that I believe she could be bred again. She was whelped on 12/15/1999. The breeders were Steve Beyer and Jim Devoll.