Braque du Bourbonnais - Rufnit Abbu

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Braque du Bourbonnais - Rufnit Abbu

  Shari Stueck

  NE-United States



Rufnit Abbu is from the first litter to receive the prestigious "NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder Award" for the Braque du Bourbonnais (Rufnit "A" Litter whelped 10-30-2003). Both of his parents and four of his six littermates have been tested and acquired titles through NAVHDA (NA's, UPT's and UT's).

Due to Rufnit Abbu's original family's need to disolve their marrage and move to different residences, it was in his best interest to returned to Rufnit Kennels and be relocated. He resided with his previous family within their home. His family's residence was ~10 miles from Rufnit Kennels, so I've been involved with Rufnit Abbu on a regular basis. Their family consisted of two adults and four children. Even though his previous family did not participate in upland hunting, he did returned to Rufnit Kennels at different times for field training/exposure. He always continued to possess the desire, drive and nose of a "hunting machine" parallel to his sire, dam and litter mates.

Within one week of his return to Rufnit Kennels, he is quartering the field at a "foot hunters" range/pace, responding to the whistle, responding to the e-collar (low stimulation and tone), pointing birds (needs more exposure to wild birds to improve steadiness), retrieves downed game (to hand or within a step) and is eager to load in the truck to head to the field. Rufnit Abbu will be ready to be used on wild birds this season!!

His obedience/field commands currently consist of: Come, Heel, Give, Kennel, Fetch, Hunt, Free, No, Whoa, Down and of course his name/nickname, Abbu/Boo.

Rufnit Abbu will be placed in a training program focusing on further field development. His placement pricing will continue to adjust as his hunting abilities advance.

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