10 month old started GSP male

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10 month old started GSP male

  Brian Wollaston

  1424 Wildwood Rd
          Kirkman, Iowa - United States

  712-579-0764 cell



I am looking for a good hunting home for my 10 month old male GSP. He is mainly white with liver patches and ticking. He is approx 60-65lbs.
This is a pup out of my two personal hunting dogs and was intended to replace his father in my guiding service. I have hunted "Sarge" on pen raised quail and wild pheasants and he does well. He is a closer range dog but would work well for someone that hunts at a more relaxed pace. The father and mother both competed and won several NBDCA(National birddog challeneges as seen on TNN's outdoor challenge.) Gunner (sire) is an amazing gundog
and family pet and Paige was an outstanding hunter, but moreover was a treasured part of the family. Paige died last fall and that is a large part of the reason for giving sarge a new home. I am spending the majority of my time on a new female pup and want sarge to have the opportunity to be a part of a family that will give him the attention he deserves as well as hunt him. He points, retrieves but will need more work to firm up the WHOA command. He kennels, jumps into the truck,etc. and listens well for a young dog. he is not a barker or aggressive dog and would fit well in city or country living. If you would like more info please e-mail and I will take and send some photos.